Who are we?

Dāntotsu is the Learning Partner to individuals and organizations, in their quest to create passionate, fun-filled, learning environment to challenge the status quo and rise beyond expectations.

Want to learn more? Let us delve into it.

Managing human resource, i.e. your employees and their expectations, who in turn would lead your customers and shareholders to achieve business expectations, is not only important but also complicated. The depth and nature of complexity are different for every individual depending on their mindset, behaviour, and psychology. It further grows in an organizational context where circumstances like team dynamics, leadership capabilities, business expectations and market environment add colour and variations to it.

These complexities are nothing but business situations. For instance,

  • Developing individual leaders or,
  • Devising and implementing employee growth strategy or,
  • Dwelling upon challenges around performance of a function or,
  • Dealing with an organization-wide systemic concern or,
  • Designing and employing the desired cultural change or, it can be anything under the sun!

Dāntotsu partners with organizations and individuals to unfold these conditions, co-create resolutions and implement strategies and solutions to achieve excellence More

The strategy and methodology of the solution depend on the gravity of the subject in concern, desired level of outcome and intent of investment of time and financial resources from the client’s end. The designed solution can be in the form of a training programme, strategic consulting, organization development intervention, individual coaching, or a combination of any of these, or all More

The Brand Promise

‘Adding Value’ is the promise that we live by, while we deal with ourselves and all our stakeholders, i.e. clients, alliances & partners, potential employees, and shareholders. By ‘Adding Value’ what we mean is…

To the Clients

We pledge to continuously ‘Add Value' by providing independent and ingenious output in all our communications and solutions, in the form of methodologies, processes, designs, documents, interactions and delivery, to create momentous experiences.

To Ourselves and Potential Employees

We ‘Add Value’ to ourselves by upgrading our knowledge and skill, and inspiring our souls to grow consistently as a professional, at the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, social and metaphysical level.

To the Alliances & Partners

We do not outsource, but co-create the projects that we undertake with our vendors. Each conversation contributes to mutual learning, translating to collective growth. Simultaneously, a vendor is endorsed as a partner to the outside world after careful selection and personal experience.

To the Shareholders

Association with the shareholders begins on the firm bed of trust. It is their conviction in Dāntotsu brand that we continue to provide exclusive experiences to our clients in their expedition to perform in a particular zone or capacity, that has brought our shareholders and us together. We ensure their trust in us with the highest respect, by challenging ourselves each day to excel and grow in abundance to ‘Add Value’ to them.

The Philosophy

Dāntotsu and Daruma are part of Japanese culture. The term Dāntotsu, in particular, is about the act of benchmarking with the best. For us, it is about superseding our abilities and expectations from what we were, to what we are. It is the constant awareness at the subconscious level to keep on excelling and charging the vigour to be far from being complacent. It also guides us to delay gratification to strive and exceed parameters.

Daruma is commonly known as the goal doll. Its philosophy to resist failure and rebound emboldens us to transcend every single day. It instils confidence and drives us to stay dynamic in pursuit of sharpening our creative quotient to develop innovative ideas and solutions.

Both these elements have helped us in laying the foundation at Dāntotsu to identify the best way we can help our clients. Our approach is to assist entities in evolving from their existing state to their aspirational level. It extends to instilling passion in them and equipping them with the right tools to be able to drive results on their own, i.e. to enable them. And finally, it ends with contributing to the collective knowledge of the stakeholders about the organization’s internal dynamics and advising them on the next steps in their journey, to accomplish positive systemic change and to empower individuals to attain sustainable results.

In all, we are inspired by ‘Dāntotsu’ and ‘Daruma’ as it resonates beautifully with our mind, heart and soul. It represents us and our belief system to the outside world. It is a source of energy which unceasingly motivates us towards excellence. Simply, it keeps the fire burning in the belly!

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