How do we do it?

Whether it is any training programme, open workshop, or an extensive change intervention, Dāntotsu’s underlying style, complied in all our work, helps us to stay encyclopedic to master the subject at hand. It enables us to be able to connect the dots and identify patterns, to arrive at the crux of the situation. We can consciously, and consistently connect with the overarching vision to create lasting business impact. It also drives us to connect with people at their soul to create positive, sustainable, desired behavioural change. The approach has two fundamentals to be wary of, the Mind, which is the strategy, and the Heart embraces the differentiating factors.

The Mind

How do we strategize?

Aligned Beliefs

Vision, Strategy,
Beliefs Values Attitudes


Guiding principles, Communication Image,
Language, Mindsets


Competencies, Skill Sets, Abilities, Coaching, Mentoring,
On-the-Job Training, Enrichment and Development Programs, Critical Business Skills


Flow of Communication, Reporting Relationships, Hierarchy, Openness, Accessibility


Information Flow, Documentation,
Knowledge Management, Intelligences, Technology, Strategic and Operational Excellence, Quality Systems, Customer Systems

Our Organization Development Framework

Progressive sustainable growth

How do we deploy?

Our strategy begins with sensitising ourselves. It involves working closely and intensely with our stakeholders. Together with our clients, we discover the current reality. It is about appreciating the context, asking the right questions to challenge the status quo, and verifying the expressed need or concern. It extends to understanding the strengths, to influence the environment through it, and acknowledging the weaknesses, to resolve it, or be cautious of it.

Detailed conversations and interactions through interviews, surveys and focus group discussions help us draw the universal truth of the organization. The stage ends with dreaming the aspired future and drafting the goal, out of the assumed exercise. Finally, the overall need and the outcome is reassessed to ensure the client is aiming at the right target.

All the data points gathered from the above step are collated and correlated at this stage. The subject matter is well researched and benchmarked with the respective industry and fraternity, if possible. We also identify the parameters which would lead to success. The next step is to measure the current and desired state for each of these parameters. The attempt is to put things in the right context to arrive at the most impactful and consequential result.

Further, we get down to understand our target audience at the deepest level. We do it by studying a variety of aspects, such as their socio-economic background, education, age, behaviours, perceptions, internal influencing and motivational factors, the immediate leaders and their relationship dynamics, cultures and pain areas; at the individual and the group level. This close understanding helps us in establishing ‘What’s In It For Them,’ to ensure self-driven, highly sustainable results.

This phase too is dedicatedly interactive with the important stakeholders at the clients end. The programme’s applicability, objectivity, and practicality are deliberated along with the client to crystalize, factual, research-based, highly customised solutions.

This stage is where all the action begins. It is the actual delivery of the workshop. Our overall design compels us to work on comprehensive frameworks and go with a structure and a defined outcome from the workshop. However, as facilitators we constantly gauge the pulse of our audiences and their level of receptivity to being flexible with the structure, so as to tweak it a little, or make radical changes, if need be, to achieve the predestined outcome. The beauty of the entire process is that the participants are part of this dynamism and energetic flow.

The workshop is made highly interactive and engaging through inspirational stories, case studies, audiovisuals and sharing of best practices. Simulations, Micro Labs, Business Games and Application Activities makes it hands-on and fun. Various psychometric tools are used to create self-awareness. Throughout the event, the participants are observed closely to share the real-time observation consultatively, at the individual and the group level.

These techniques provoke the participants to think and explore their real, encapsulated potential, to taste the success then and there itself. It is a wow for us to see the enlightened faces when they experience a paradigm change, which impacts their mind, heart, and soul. At the emotional level, the participants return with a sense of accountability. They are clear about their role and its strategic alignment with the vision of the intervention. Passion infuses in them to believe in self and group, to take right actions. Not the least, we arm them with practical and implementable tools to become airborne and fly the world!

It is the last stage where participants sound-outs from the workshop are objectively shared with the stakeholders, to aid them with factual data about the ground reality. We also analyse the success rate on the identified parameters. For instance, developed skills are measured, knowledge is assessed, process improvements and implementation is evaluated, so on and so forth. We then communicate the overall impact of the workshop in the form of ‘Post Programme Consultative Report.' The report also includes suggestions for the core team, empowering them to strategize the next steps to achieve sustainable results.

The Heart

How do we differentiate?

Being passionate about your reality and our work is a prerequisite to joining the Dāntotsu clan. It is about awakening every morning to ask oneself, what next? And how better, for self and others? These questions keep the zeal alive in us, to push ourselves beyond our confinements. It is about setting standards, breaking them to set new benchmarks, and repeating this cycle every day. We also envision the world around us to be passionate. Therefore, it is not limited to us but inflicted to everyone around us through our interactions.

Professionalism regarding our style expects our work to be presentable and, of superior quality, for instance, collaterals, presentations, reports, workshop delivery, and all other communication. Both these combined forms a part of our DNA.

Uniqueness in all our solutions is an unspoken promise that we have made to ourselves. At Dantotsu, there is no off-the-rack solution. Each business case is unique to its industry, external competition, its current market position, internal organization dynamics and existing business requirements; and therefore, every solution is crafted with utmost care to achieve the desired results. We also ensure measurability, as for us success cannot be limited to a feel-good-factor. It has to be measurable, driven by performance and productivity to translate efforts in tangible results, giving the return on investments to the stakeholders.

As mentioned above, every unique requirement, calls for a unique treatment. The uniqueness lies in the innovative approach and outlook, whereas creativity is all about going wild with imagination to add an element of design in each and every work we do. Together, they give birth to highly customised solutions which stimulate, to help in registering the experience in the minds of the participants, creating lasting impact.

It is a two-way process. We encourage and inspire our clients to play a role in identifying the need, and designing the solution, and committing for their share of value ad. Their critical inputs are collected at all stages of the intervention which ensures that we safeguard every stakeholder’s interest onboard. At the same time, we share accountability to help the client reach their desired outcome by embracing their emotional expectations from us. Therefore, creating solutions together leads to better ownership, which delivers experiential learning, to make participants connect with themselves and realize their potential.

Although change is imperative and essential, a majority of the individuals and organisations, especially the established ones, find it discouraging and challenging. At Dāntotsu change is inspirational, by making fun and celebrations an integral part of the workshop design and the facilitation style. Fun is beautifully woven into various activities, whereas celebrating every moment and, each relation is part of our belief and behaviour. It is about making every interaction memorable by extending genuine warmth, care, love, and attention, to comfort the soul and heart, and to help the mind realise the importance of its presence and contribution. In our experience, it wonderfully makes change effortless.

In all our interactions we attempt to see our client’s world through their lenses. It helps us in developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of prevailing culture(s) at the team, function and, at the organisation level. We also focus on aligning solutions to the vision and purpose of the intervention as well as the organization. It enables us to contribute with valuable insights towards creating large and deep impact, individually and universally, by taking collective accountability.

Every assignment is a journey that we embark on with our clients. Our role is to support and guide them to connect with their true self. It is to push when required, to challenge their benchmarks, which channelizes individual development towards the outcome. We strike a balance between being transparent and assertive by conveying that which is essential, and NOT that, which may be pleasing. It creates a sense of accountability which is instrumental in sustaining the change.

The Blend

What’s in it for you?

Clear Sense Of Purpose


Emotional Intelligence

Values based action



Critical Thinking

Personal Preparedness

Strategic Thinking

Social Intelligence

Personal Mastery

Personalized Coaching

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