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Strategic Change Interventions

There are occasions when organisations in their growth journey struggle with the overall mediocre performance, such that with immense difficulty the business simply reaches break-even. And at times, long-haul sustainability becomes a question, and immediate survival is the only thing on the mind. On the other hand, productivity is at its peak. However, the leadership is clueless on what next? And how? Or, even better, leadership aspires everyone in the organization to display its brand values or refine it and cascade but don't know how to do it? Lastly, values and principles that might have protected for a long time have become a shackle?

These situations are an alarm to a systemic issue or concern and pose as a barricade from achieving blockbuster performance. Dāntotsu’s specialised Strategic Change Interventions approach has helped organisations emancipate and manoeuvre.

The desired change is achieved through whole systems thinking, engaging stakeholders in designing and implementing methods to achieve swift transformation, and building internal capabilities to champion the revolution. The board categories include:

Culture Creation

Where employees do not identify, or exhibit being belonged to a common identity to progress and excel

Culture Re-engineering

Where identity/culture is present in bits and pieces, re-assessment is required to equip it with the current context to stay relevant in competition and perform

Culture Excellence

Where the culture exists, however, it needs to be aligned to the vision, and desired behaviours to be identified to channelise collective efforts and productivity towards achieving the vision
Some of our strategic change intervention caselets

SHINE was a Customer Centricity Initiative intended to align everyone stakeholder within the organization to the importance of a CUSTOMER, his needs, expectations, business landscapes and thus your role. It involved CXO Visioning, Champions Workshops and Team Talks, Customer Interviews and Surveys, Internal Culture study and cross-functional workshops covering more than 2000 professionals.

Industry : Logistics


One negative interaction a client has with your brand can wipe away 12 positive interactions he may have had with your brand?

A Strategic initiative that included preparing the entire L&D function of trainers and change agents, representing specialized Lines of Business to align training initiatives to business and business objectives while creating an experience that shares empowerment and accountability for the training with every participant. Also included specific process map creation and training on change management for the Quality function preparing them to be change agents in the True sense for managing projects of different magnitudes and positioning them correctly outside and within the firm.

Industry : Pharmaceutical


67% of employees in any organization are willing to change but are not ready for it cause they are not aligned to the big picture and yet expected to change?

If not they are tagged as having a BAD ATTITUDE.

From creating a scorecard to assessments, to attitude and skill building training, preparing their relationship managers to deal effectively with key clientele and proactively develop strategies and present propositions that induce customers to cement their loyalty factor to the brand.

Industry : Telecom Operator

The same Initiative was done for Internal Customer Service Creation called THE SPIRIT OF SERVICE for a financial giant, and for over 1200 employees of a leading Elevator & Escalator company called THE MAGIC OF SERVICE EXCELLENCE.


The term Internal customer was coined by Scandinavian Airline Services. They believed that you are either serving the customer or serving someone serving the customer and if you aren't doing then what the hell are you doing in the firm?

A Skill building initiative covering all managers on Critical Thinking Skills leading to 4 key elements of the business – Analytical Thinking, Systemic Thinking, Systematic Thinking & Innovative Thinking. The workshop focused on how levels of awareness using examples, exercises and activities and several skills for effective probing, conversations, critical decision making and value propositioning to internal and external stakeholders.

Industry : Chemical Manufacturing


Your brain has the power to get fixated on doing things in a specific pattern and manner which starts to become your process. And then making even minutest of changes to that process becomes discomforting. This is called FUNCTIONAL FIXEDNESS.

Starting with an internal dipstick study, to a CXO intervention to function wise interventions covering all employees in a high impact, inspiring and action-oriented workshop with one sole objective of BEING AN ADMIRED PLACE TO WORK. Aspired employees, dynamic business, change ready mentors – the three defining pillars of the initiative.

Industry : Elevator & Escalator


According to a Stanford Study, a ¼ % increase in employee satisfaction can lead to ½ percent increase in customer satisfaction, and that could lead to a 1 whole % increase in your profitability.

When the client, a leading telecom operator in Rajasthan, began to witness a series of blunders and inadequacies in the way employees were representing the brand internally and externally, they decided to partner with Dantotsu for creating a Presentation Skilled Workforce. And it was enlightening that the workshop was extended to not only the customer-facing but also internal support functions to help them structure thoughts, present confidently and enhance their body language and presence. At a level two, each participant had a score card and depending on the magnitude of presentation as a needed skill in the role and the level of readiness 40% of the group was taken to an advanced skill level.

Industry : Telecom Operator


The maximum cranial nerves are connected to your hand especially the palms and thus a handshake or the way you use your hands and position your palms during a presentation can have a profound impact on your audiences?

Leadership… how is spelled? Stupid question? Absolutely not…according to us at Dantotsu Leadership can be spelled in 3 ways: BELIEF, PASSION, INFLUENCE.

The Upturned Leadership Iceberg was a Leadership Building initiative for about 300 Project managers. It was totally customized to their contexts and teams, using psychometric assessments, caselets, discussions, process maps and eventually lead to a CXO strategic intervention of redefining their core, the verbiage they would use to position it and then co-creating a LEADERSHIP framework for all to align to.

The same initiative was done over a span of 4 years with a leading Logistics Service Provider called The Stand Out Leader’s CODE which also made use of the Gallup's Strengths-Based Development Process.

Industry : Information Technology


The ethics of leaders strongly reflects in the organization's brand repute. The World's ethical list of companies had a much higher customer likeability factor than the S&P list of top 100 performing companies.

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