The Principles

The human mind is wild by nature. It needs to be engaged to be able to think and act in accordance with the organization framework. Our principles help us in achieving this objective by guiding us to understand perceptions through appreciating different approaches and inspirations. They also give direction to ideas and philosophies which in turn governs the attitude and behaviours at the individual level. The three principles that we vow to live by are, Intrapreneurship, Professionalism, and Conceptuality. To make it more meaningful and implementable, we have further identified desired and measurable behaviours around these.

  1. 1. Be passionate about brand ‘Dāntotsu’ and its work, and actively demonstrate and transmit the passion to all stakeholders, through all forms of communication.
  2. 2. Make decisions consultatively and adhere to the following prerequisites:
    • Understand the pulse of the situation
    • Understand customer needs and landscape
    • Connect with the larger picture
    • Research the market and understand market intelligence
    • Proactively assume responsibility and take charge of it
  3. 3. Be proactive to make learning an integral part of life, to seek continuous improvement and stay competitive, in the following ways:
    • Seek knowledge, develop skills
    • Nurture talent through various channels, formal and otherwise
    • Adapt change as a discipline by embracing it in thoughts and displaying it in attitude and action
    • Adapt an outward-looking approach
  1. 1. Be agile towards client needs, implicit as well as explicit.
  2. 2. Inculcate discipline towards preparing self for interactions, with internal and external stakeholders.
  3. 3. Take accountability at all times for all actions, whether in line with the expectation or in the case of delinquency.
  4. 4. Maintain parity between words and action by always keeping the commitment to deliver.
  5. 5. Be presentable always, in thoughts, speech, actions, and appearance.
  6. 6. Maintain composure by being courteous in mannerism, assertive in thought, and confident in interactions.
  1. 1. Listen to the obvious, unravel the unsaid to understand and appreciate stakeholder’s mindset, internal context, and external market dynamics.
  2. 2. Embed structure in thoughts, words, and action, by reasoning and logical thinking.
  3. 3. Eliminate subjectivity and establish objectivity to deliver a measurable and tangible outcome.
  4. 4. Develop and deliver credible output by researching the subject matter, benchmarking it internally and externally, and ensuring learner centricity.
  5. 5. Align results with the larger goals, synchronously, clinch the smaller, vital aspects.
  6. 6. Instil creativity in mind and approach such that it reflects instinctively in design and delivery.
The People

Vikas Agarwal

As a child, I always grew up amongst love, compassion, and camaraderie. When it was time to choose a career, there were many key facets of my persona that took me to different directions. However, 03 of my passions remained a constant: love for cultures, fascination with people, their stories, their beliefs and a strong sense of curiosity to learn, grow and share – little did I know I’d get to do this each day of my life.

Hi, I’m Vikas Agarwal – a Certified Teacher & Trainer from City & Guilds UK, a proud member of the hospitality fraternity and a Gallup Strengths based development coach. My experience with diverse industries, varied people from very different cultures and backgrounds and my zeal for travel have helped me to be a very effective facilitator with my participants today harnessing my experiences, my successes and lessons from my failures.

A poetic heart, an ethical soul, a probative mind and an ever challenging vision to skill and develop people through empowerment are my biggest assets and also my differentiators. Right from experimenting with vegetables and wines in my kitchenette, to planning my next historical tour, to excitement for a new book or a movie or play, they all teach me a lesson. Every new chapter in my life has only helped reiterate my determination, enthusiasm, and knowledge as my power centers.

Being a team player, a strategic consultant, an SME, a business head and now a proud entrepreneur has all taught me precious parables of humility, leadership, creativity and risk taking abilities. Connectedness, Strategic, Input, Activator, and Ideation are my signature talent themes that allow manifestation of my internal processes in a structured yet creative manner to all stakeholders that I partner with. Let’s take a look at your world through my eyes and see how we could co-create an aspiring reality.

Dhara Kapadia

My name is Dhara, a relatively new cog in the seasoned Dantotsu machinery, though very much around from its inception.

Having done my B.A. with Psychology, I honed my creative side with doing freelance graphic designing, printing, and translations from Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi to English and vice versa.

I find it intriguing how entwined life and learning are! As an essential learner, who goes through the entire gamut of emotions for anything new, every new skill learnt, permeates into all aspects of my personality. 

Creativity, curiosity and confidence in learning to help me build new connections that hone me as a person, a mother, a trainer and a life coach. And getting a new perspective with all the multiple interactions, in turn, help me build stronger and more meaningful relationships. In essence, my innate way of working is to gather perspectives, blend them with my experiences and learnings, streamlining it in a process and focusing it all in achieving the desired objectives.

Doing things to my best capacity and putting in my creative input for any job come naturally. I also love cooking and find it therapeutic. Travelling, music and reading are also my most essential habits.

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