The Gen Y Non_Profit_Organizational Leader

As opposed to a conventional NPO / NGO professional, today’s NPO representative require an altogether new set of skills, traits and way of being and dealing with the outside world. identity

Based on my own experience and my own ambitions of starting an NPO here are a few traits that I’ve listed. Evaluate, explore and assess and do let me know what you think about them. You could also see which of these act as your leveragers or blind spots and create an action plan around each trait.
1. Being Change theorists

– NOP leaders need to lobby the larger purpose and mission of what they believe in and show meaning and value in it.
2. Pitch for the fund

– You have to be a wow value propositioner. Part selling part marketing,. the ability to showcase the value and ask people to invest in monetary and non-monetary terms. Doing good sometimes requires the moolah.
3. Look outside

– monitor the opportunities in the market place
4. Get social

– connect the brand to other ecosystems outside. Study and bench mark what’s happening in the outside world

5. Get real

– not necessarily play nice and humble and under play yourself just because you are from an NPO. You are not expected to wear a kurta and roam around with a khadi bag and stand out of the crowd as someone from an NGO / NPO. Ofcourse no harm in doing that but that doesn’t become your identifier.

6. Be the direction steerer

– ability to pose difficult and valid questions. Make people think of the changing waves, new directions, letting go of the obsolete

So if you are working with or intend to work with a brand that stands for a cause and is an NGO or NPO or the likes re-think the challenges and demands expected of you! Doing good is a huge responsibility and being genuinely passionate about the cause is just the start but may not alone suffice.

Happy learning!

Prof Vikas


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