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Debunking the Myths About Presentation Skills

Debunking the MYTHS about Presentation Skills

 The American singer, Alexander Gregg, had beautifully quoted:

 “There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.”

Dantotsu has always been known for getting into the skin of our audiences in our training experiences. The connect is something I have several times tried to put into words but it’s a magic I cannot give words to.

In this process we have also gotten into the fears, the inhibitions and some of the common fallacies people have of this very critical and I-need-to-learn-but-how?-skill.The abive image in this article depict just this very point. What makes us hold on to these fears?

Here we present our thoughts based on our experiences in Our Parable of Presentations Workshops

Whether you’re pitching new business, speaking to investors, or explaining strategy to your team, business success usually depends upon high-caliber presentations. Every leader today is asking and asked the same question. Are your professionals well trained to deliver your company’s presentations? Coaches, sports and life, counselors, educators, therapists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, more and more want to explore the intricacies of this skill. So I thought why not begin with busting 4 critical myths I most often here from people. Are you ready? Hop on!

MYTH ONE: Presentations are only for the customer facing staff

REALITY: We all are presenting all the time. It’s like my colleague Anupam says. When you walk from your home to the supermart you call it walking but when you want to lose weight or stay fit the same walking counts as a form of exercise. What changed? The context and the way in which you looked at that activity.

MYTH TWO: Presentations have to have a ppt – a powerpoint

REALITY: Ppts are just a support medium. Presentations can be of any sorts, highly effective and creative and even engaging without any ppts. I remember my first workshop when I started my company was with a client in Thane. I did the entire workshop on a subject like Time management without any ppts at all and the client’s feedback was “let’s do 3 more batches please. And you know what let’s stick to the pptless workshop.”

MYTH THREE: Presentations can only be done by people with AWESOME personalities

REALITY: Presentations are all about stories. And stories have just A tale to tell. The face and looks of the story teller does make the story any more interesting. It is his knack to be able to portray the reality of the characters and transfer their belief to their audiences is what makes the difference. And I’m not too sure if there is a definition of an AWESOME personality. Is it just looks, height, toned? May work the charm but may not be convincing enough.

MYTH FOUR: All that you need is an audience and a laptop

REALITY: Presentations takes preparation, practice, an understanding of your audiences. It takes empathy, stories, factual credibility. It takes ground work, research, due diligence. The best speakers and presenters are also known to prepare for days in advance for a critical presentation. I take on an average a 5 to 7 days to prepare really well for a workshop. This does not mean spontaneity does not play a role. Ofcourse within the framework you do have enough flexibility to bring in your creativity, surprises and the impromptu you.

So why do so many organizations fail to bring key staff members to the next level of presentation effectiveness? Or, if training is provided, why is it so often information-based rather than laser-focused on effective presentation performances?

At Dantotsu, we specialize in engagement-based public speaking and presentation seminars and labs for businesses and otherwise. Want your employees and leadership team to speak with poise, presence, and professionalism? Find out how they can on our BEST SELLERS or SEMINARS page on www.dantotsu.co.in

Our Presentation Skills workshop is themed as PARABLE OF PRESENTATIONS – simply meaning come write your story in your style, your way and with your ending.

Thank you for reading this article.

Look forward to hear from you of any questions, thoughts or notions.


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