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CUSTOMER SERVICE: A Religion and it’s practices

5 religious service practices to convert your customers into loyal fanatics

SERVICE A RELIGION – From the times of the Koran or Ramayana or The Zend Avesta or Guru Grant Sahib till the times of today – The Walmarts, Starbucks, Ubers or the Marutis – the ones that lead are the ones who are passionate. Truly passionate about delivering the best to their customers. And thus I call Service A Religion. A belief in making a difference.

Over my study of customers, being one and servicing one and then being on the side of hearing umpteen stories of service professionals and managers, here are some of the things I’ve seen become important as an expectation from any customer and a responsibility, if not stated, understood and then delivered, by every customer service professional as a part of his or her experience.


Understanding your customer’s business, industry, pain points, trends and patterns and being prepared to proactively make suggestions is not only an impressive but a WOW factor for most customers. Some would of course feel it’s your job to keep abreast however they too will for a minute get swayed.

Psychological Reasons why it works:

  1. Builds your credibility
  2. Reaffirms customer’s decisions
  3. Helps customers look at his business needs from a 3rd eye
  4. Try ensures partnership
  5. Builds assurance and confidence in you and your solutions
  6. Sets a benchmark in his mind


Mapping customer’s voice on your performance, your behaviors, your products, and your ability to respond to his needs and how satisfied is he with the relationship is a great way to make a customer feel important and valued. You know what’s even greater? Going back to him and telling him your action plan as to what you did with his feedback.

Psychological Reasons why it works:

  1. Sense of displayed commitment
  2. You value the customer
  3. You value the relationship
  4. You believe in excellence and growth
  5. A sense of closure
  6. You want to add more to the business – a win win indeed


From the very first time that you meet the customer to every time you meet him, the presentations that you make and they way you put across your brand is a reflection of your internal belief systems. So tell the customer how passionate you are about your product and your brand. You believe in it and you truly believe you are ethically and genuinely adding value to his business. If your tonality, your non verbals and your aura do not display it then the customer does not feel it so why should he buy it.

Psychological Reasons why it works:

  1. Creates a sense of desire and urgency
  2. Shows genuine belief
  3. Shows your enthusiasm about the product or service offering
  4. Makes the customer believe in you – personal credibility
  5. You’re selling the values and the brand not just a product or a service
  6. Customer themselves are passionate about their needs so it creates a likeability – birds of a feather

Devil’s Advocacism

Gone are the days of mere ‘yesmanship’.  The customers do not want puppets and politickians (people who excel in politicking using manipulations and flattery). Customers like to be respectfully debated and challenged. They value an opinion, a perspective, a suggestion especially one which they hadn’t thought of. They respect a sense of assertion. Too dominating or too timid stances are a put off.  Plus it’s also a choice of how you want to be treated by a particular customer especially if you are a Gen Y species.

Psychological Reasons why it works:

  1. You display confidence
  2. You do not go with popular belief
  3. Your primary agenda is to add value to the customer’s business
  4. You at least express yourself whether or not the customer chooses it or likes it – he surely appreciates it
  5. Customers want to deal with someone who can take a stance for themselves and their customers
  6. It keeps the cologne of flattery in the bottle


The habit of keeping customers informed. About how a process works, about new offerings, about what they can do in the future to avoid service inconveniences or just about some additional information on a product or a service or the industry.

Psychological Reasons why it works:

  1. Shows that you care
  2. Customer feels empowered
  3. Customers can make an informed opinion or decision
  4. Customer is aligned to the business
  5. Doesn’t feel cheated or taken for granted
  6. Helps build a rapport – it’s like your daily flower lady telling you a fact about roses that makes you so appreciate them more; or your refrigerator repair guy giving you a cleaning tip that works better than your cleaning product

Hope these nuggets or as I say religious practices help you serve your customer devotedly and dedicatedly turning him into your fan, your follower, your loyal. A genuine win-win indeed!


This article is written by Prof Vikas Agarwal purely based on my personal experiences and work in the area of Service Excellence. For further details or training solutions on how to create Service Excellence Mindsets for your leaders, Teams or Organizations please get in touch with me on vikas@dantotsu.co.in or Cell:  +91 98334 39713


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