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Individual and Group Development


  Assessments at Dāntotsu is an in-depth understanding and appreciation of one’s capabilities. Critical decision making in organisational context become effortless. Interpersonal team dynamics are better comprehended to extend support. It helps the participants stay conscientious about their strengths to draft success strategy. It translates in increase in motivation to strengthen self-belief.

Assessments are carried out through variety of frameworks and instruments, depending on the organisation requirement,
through certified consultants.   


  Our services are thought through with detailed charters and structures which are tried and tested, with proven success. Implementing these on various workgroups, in countless organisations from different industries gave us the confidence to take it to the next level to benefit the society as a whole. Each workshop aims at targeting a particular competency, doing justice to the extensive development in an individual to experience tremendous growth.
The programme is designed meticulously to ensure its adaptability to individuals from different walks of life.   


  Essence : Coaching is all about enabling transformation to experience excellence in an individual’s (or group) performance. Its applicability to professional as well as personal life situations is the beauty of the process. A group may be encountering interpersonal conflicts, or an individual may be suffering from poor self-esteem, or impulse control disorder, or some addiction. Coaching HELPS!

Coaching is equivalent to teaching a person the art of fishing versus catching the fish and selling it to her/him. It is about NOT giving ready solutions but, helping them evolve to find answers to their questions. As a consequence, achieving life changing and long lasting results.

Journey : It begins with silencing the commotion in the mind to appreciate the current state, and instilling confidence in the ability of the individual to metamorphose. It also involves identifying practical tools/solutions to enable the revolution to achieve the desired change. We coach a person or a group using different approaches, out of which the two most effective are Strengths Finder – Gallup and Domino 300 - Neuro Linguistic Programming (explained below).

Enablers : We truly resonate with coaching. It is extremely close to Dāntotsu’s heart. The warmth, the ability to empathise with people, their choices and their ambitions, without being judgemental, the firm belief in people’s potential and their ability to reawaken and reinvent, together forms a part of our innate character which makes us effective Coaches.

Connect with us to experience success.   

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