Our Credo
Our Ethical Code of Conduct

What does Ethics mean to us and why is it important?

Ethics is a way of life for us; A benchmark of personal integrity; A standards of compliance;

A means of ensuring that we provide for and create a safe learning experience which is non-threatening, unintimidating and allows for respect to one’s personal being.

An Ethical Code of Conduct helps us clearly state what our clients and learners and all vested stakeholders can expect while getting into a partnership with us and also allows enough room for them to express their expectations from our solutions, the way in which we deliver it, or both.

For all our clients, participants and external stakeholders:

We at Dantotsu aspire to follow ethical norms by, abiding by the following behaviors and standards:

  1. RIGHT TO EXPRESS : We pledge to state what is right for the context and not what would sound right; we do so with complete honesty, mutual respect, and opinion not as facts but as our interpretations of how we perceive the situation to be
  2. RIGHT TO PRIVACY : Any and all discussions that happen with the learners would stay inside of the learning space and have no specific references to any names outside of the workshop, coaching sessions or client discussions.
  3. RIGHTS OF ACCEPTANCE : Our clients, stakeholders, and participants will ALWAYS have the right to accept or reject any feedback, concept or input whatsoever and also have enough liberty to express the same to us in a constructive manner
  4. RIGHT TO PHYSICAL SAFETY : We only would allow for HEALTHY and SAFE touch amongst participants and between the facilitators and participants if the need may arise for physical proximity in space.
  5. RIGHT TO VULNERABILITY : We will only allow room for sharing of one's personal experiences to the extent our client and participants feel comfortable and necessary enough to express themselves
  6. RIGHT TO EMOTIONAL MATURITY : We expect ourselves for enough maturity and perspective so as not to treat any of our clients, participants, team members and stakeholders based on personal biases or past experiences.
  7. RIGHT TO BENCHMARK : We intend to create a learning experience at the highest level of knowledge, creativity, fun and passion which seems right for the client and context
  8. RIGHT TO ACCOUNTABILITY : If any participant or client does not find value in our solution in a given context we would attempt to explore the reasons and also appeal to take accountability for their personal learning, goals, and aspirations.
  9. RIGHT TO ACCEPTABLE DEMEANOUR : We will ensure that we safeguard the privacy, the personal space, the learning styles and backgrounds of our clients and participants and will deal with them in accordance. In case we aren't living up to the set norms, we expect honest and open inputs for us to make changes quickly for a most productive relationship
  10. RIGHT TO INTEGRITY : We would not encourage any financial exchanges that are unaccounted for and not mentioned in the particular MoU or other documents; any commissions, referral incentives are to be made clear from the context and underlying norms from all vested parties.

For all Internal stakeholders

We stand together to make a difference to who we are and what we do with intention, purpose and action and thus as Dantotsu, we pledge to share accountability in the following ways:

  1. We will Understand the customer landscape clearly enough for most effective solutions and thus go prepared for all the meetings, coaching, and training.
  2. We will Make all critical discussions mutually, maintaining respect for one another’s perspective, and final agreed decision, in spirit and essence.
  3. We will always Maintain our dignity, passion, strengths and integrity by upholding them to the highest professional standards.
  4. We will always Respect the person (s) we interact with as peers and equals and not superior or inferior.
  5. We will Remember that learning can come from anyone and anywhere and thus take accountability for our individual learning, with humility and ability to embrace possibilities and change.
  6. We will strive to Uphold the value of The team good as being more important than personal good.
  7. We will Respect our vendors for the support they provide and the value they bring to our business.
  8. We will refrain from giving mere advice and instead facilitate conversations to explore perspectives and solutions toward the problem statement or challenge in hand.
  9. We will ensure Positioning the Dantotsu brand, its values, its credibility with transparency, confidence, and effective communication.
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