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Magic of Service Excellence

  The Magic of Service Excellence is an integrated approach that helps a larger group of individuals in an organisation understand their role, responsibility, and contribution, to define, drive and shape the service culture internally that manifest eventually to the external world as The Uncompromised Brand Promise.

The participants witness paradigm change in customer being a part of the business viz-à-viz customer being the centre of the organization. They begin to appreciate the changing customer mindset and draw the desired action towards it.   

Parable of Presentation

   Presenting a critical proposition to higher management or customer is no more the definition of presentation. The parable of presentation is a platform for all to enhance their influencing and presentation skills by using and leveraging upon natural style and capabilities to unleash the potential within. It embraces thoughts and actions related to communication, verbal, and non-verbal. Comprehensively, it strengthens the determination and boosts the confidence of the participants.   

Leap : A Personal Enrichment Workshop Leap

  Leap, as the name suggests, is bridging the gap between the expected level of performance and the potential level of performance in individuals. The programme helps them in taking charge of their development and personal growth to achieve the desired level of excellence. Participants are left with practical transformation tools and positively inspired changed mindset.   

The Upturned Leadership Iceberg

   Leadership as a culture is a boon for any organization but only when that mindset is considered and nurtured as an asset. ‘The Upturned Leadership Iceberg’ is the ‘back to the basic journey’ on the path to excel and hit the target at a slingshot. The programme aids unravelling the obscured potential at the deepest levels. Tools, techniques, industry standards and personal benchmarking are the key! A personal journey of curiosity, self-discovery, and exploration translating to a purpose bigger than you!   

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